VIBRAC Webinar Level I

The webinar, consisting of 13 sections, covers topics such as the different frequencies used in VAT and the various clinical approaches which can be implemented, equipment used in the sessions, potential contraindications of this method, including a demonstration of the typical structure of a VAT session. The webinar also includes an assignment on participants’ experiences and knowledge gained after following the course as well as recommended reading to complement the video material.

Well-being. Treatment. Rehabilitation.

What you’ll get

Participants of the training course will gain knowledge of

  • the possibilities of VAT as a therapeutic approach
  • basic frequencies used in VAT clinical practice
  • The role of music in VAT
  • Various devices that can be used to deliver VAT.

Price of webinar:

€180 (VAT 0%)

  • Vibrac Level I Webinar was a very good information package for what is Vibroacoustic Therapy and Vibroacoustic treatment. After Webinar I learned:  what kind of studies has made of how low frequency vibration influences to well-being of body, what is low frequency vibration and Vibroacoustic Therapy, what kind of equipment there is to use Vibroacoustic treatment, how you can use low frequency vibration for part of Vibroacoustic Therapy, where and how low frequency vibration influence to body. The length of different parts of the Webinar were convenient. Both of the lecturers spoke peacefully and enunciated each word carefully and understandably

    Juha, 46 student, Finland
  • In general, the webinar course was clear, friendly and very positive to increase my knowledge regarding bibliographic material. But the best thing was to be able to share the same language and similar experiences in an area of knowledge in which it is difficult to find colleagues with whom to reflect. I hope that this can continue! Thank you Vibrac Team!

    Lucia, 34 Music Therapist, Argentina