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Level II Training (International)

English language Level II Training is being offered from January – June 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia in collaboration with Mali Dom-Zagreb. The main trainer of this course is Dr. Ana Katušić, with Vibrac’s main trainers Drs. Esa Ala-Ruona and Marko Punkanen co-facilitating the first and last contact teaching weekends.

The Vibrac Skille-Lehikoinen Centre for Vibroacoustic Therapy and Research, in collaboration with Mali Dom-Zagreb, will offer an international (English language) Level II training at the Day-care Centre for Rehabilitation Mali Dom-Zagreb, in Zagreb, Croatia, beginning in January 2020.

Participants of the training should have already completed the Level I Introduction to Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT).

Learning Outcomes

Each training module (weekend contact teaching) comprises lectures, demonstrations, and practical work, with participants also conducting their own clinical practice in between contact teaching weekends. Through the demonstrations and lectures, participants will learn about the application of VAT in various settings (e.g. clinical, medical, rehabilitative) through discussion of research and case studies, as well as anecdotal evidence from the trainers’ years of experience.

Topics of the lectures will also include the devices that may be used as well as the safe use of music in the training and how to avoid side-effects of the treatment.
In addition to practical work conducted during the contact weekends and the clinical practice in between the contact teaching, participants will also be provided with reading materials.

Assignments will be based on both the clinical experiences between training modules as well as the provided reading material. Upon satisfactory completion of the practical work and assignments on the required reading, students will be awarded 14 ECTS.

After completing the Level II Training, participants will be certified to practice Vibroacoustic Therapy with various target groups (depending on clinical competencies), with knowledge on how to tailor treatment programs for specific symptoms and contexts.

Module Topics

The topics covered in the lectures and demonstrations throughout the training include:

• the elements of VAT treatment and the various levels of experiential processing
• parameters of treatment programs and applications/use of various frequencies
• presentation and discussion of various approaches to practice
• the therapist’s responsibilities
• treatment procedures
• music used in VAT
• the research and practice of VAT
with various clinical target groups


Dr. Ana Katušić

The main trainer of this course is Dr. Ana Katušić. Ana, spec. educ. teacher, music therapist, is an associate Professor at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research in the School of Medicine at the University of Zagreb and advisory board member of the VIBRAC Centre.

She also works at the Centre Mali Dom-Zagreb. Her special interest lies in the use of VAT in sensorimotor rehabilitation, exploring the effects of VAT on motor performance and oculomotor control.

Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona & Dr. Marko Punkanen

Additional trainers in this course are the founders and main trainers of the Vibrac Centre Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona and Dr. Marko Punkanen.

Esa, music therapist, psychotherapist, clinical teacher and supervisor, and EMTC president, is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. His research is related to clinical assessment and stroke rehabilitation.

Marko is a music/dance-movement/psychotherapist and clinical supervisor and director of the Nyanssi Therapy Centre in Lahti, Finland. Marko also has extensive experience in trauma psychotherapy.


The training is conducted over a 6-month period on Fridays (9.00h – 16.00h) & Saturdays (9.00h – 12.00h). The dates and schedule of the training are as follows:

31.01 & 01.02. 2020.* Friday (16.00h – 19.00h) & Saturday (9.00h – 16.00h)
28.02. & 29.02. 2020.
27.03. & 28.03. 2020.
24.04. & 25.04. 2020.
12.06. & 13.06. 2020.* Friday (16.00h – 19.00h) & Saturday (9.00h – 16.00h)

*N.B.! Exceptional training times on first and last training weekends,
which will also be co-facilitated by Dr. Ala-Ruona and Dr. Punkanen

Contact with questions/queries.

Time: January–June 2020
Venue: Day-care Centre for Rehabilitation Mali Dom-Zagreb, Baštijanova 1d, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Trainers: Dr. Ana Katušić, Dr. Esa Ala-Ruona, Dr. Marko Punkanen
Apply: January 31 2020